Setting Up Two HDs Via USB Hub?

Please clarify this for me. I have connected two WD 3TB hard drives via a USB Hub to the back of the WD SMP. However I can only access one drive at a time. Meaning the folders of only one drive will show at a time. To access the folders of the other drive I have to go to the ‘Select Content Source’ ‘Local Storage’ (Red Button) and select the other drive. The other drives folders will then load, but I loss the folders of the first drive.

Is this how it should work ?  I thought I’d read here were you would see the folders of both drives without having to switch between drives. If so how can I correct this ?

Also, having success with the Wd Elements hard drive I bought a second one. Unfortunately they both show up under the same name ‘Elements’. Is there any way to change that so they show up under different names such as Elements1 and Elements 2.


Yes it works, I have two 3tb external drives attached to a wall powered USB Hub and connected to the front port of my SMP. They are two different types of drives, one is a Seagate and the other is a Toshiba ( I did rename them) one for Movies and the other for TV Shows. I even attached a third drive to see if it would work and it does. They all show up under videos when selected.

I can’t say why they are not showing up for you, maybe because the are the same type of drive. Try a different type and see if it shows up.

Yes, rename your drives

Thanks Dan,

How do you go about renaming the drives ?  Will I have to reformat to do so ?

Thanks again ?

No need to re-format just rename after the drive name. example: Seagate (Movies) Seagate (TV Shows)

This will work