Setting up to receive images from Dlink IP camera without computer

Great forum, thought I’d post this question.

I have a D-link DCS 930 series wireless IP camera that I want to upload motion detection images directly to my 1TB MBL without the use of my computer.  The camera has an FTP function, and I was wondering if I could use this somehow to load directly to the MBL.  I only want to keep this internal to my network, so there’s no need to be sending images out of my network through the web back through my network to my MBL.  Sounds simple enough to me, but I obviously am not sure how to do this.  Any help?

I would start by setting FTP on the MBL, create the user and the share with the correct permissions. Then test it.

FTP setup is all on the manual.

I guess that’s where I’m a little confused.  The instructions say to click on the FTP button, set a user and pw, and that’s about it.  Where do I do the other half?

The MBL and IP camera are both behind my router.  Should I set the MBL to have a fixed internal IP address (a generic for example), and then tell the IP camera to send to that IP and user name?  Most of the FTP info I’ve seen on here and on the web deals with external going in, and how to use for a domain, etc.  Keeping this internal to my network is where I’m confused.

Thanks, v.

Viper that is exactly right… To setup a user on the MBL login to the dashboard and click users and setup a username and password and tick to create a private share for the user and click save. This is what you will use to login to the ftp and the share you will dump all the photos to from the camera. The share will be named after the user.

So you would setup the camera to login to the MBL at 192.168.1.* (Whatever it’s internal IP address is)

Use the username and password you just created and all uploads should go straight to that users folder