Setting Up the WD TV mini

Hi ,

I want to connect my WD Tv mini to my AVR, My AVR Supports Composite and YPBR and HDMI.

Now the TV mini does not support HDMI.

Is it possible to connect the Media Player to Connect to the AVR and get the Display on HDTV.



Your AVR has INPUT?

If so, your only choice is YPbPr (also called COMPONENT)

yes My Yamaha AVR has

Extensive Connection

HDMI Input/Output (4 / 1)
Audio Digital Input (Optical / Coaxial) 4 (2 / 2)
Component Video Input/Output (2 / 1)

I am very Raw to this, if i understand you are saying i connect my Media player to AVR using the YPBR cable, but then how do i get the dispaly on the HDTV?

[deleted]    I was thinking DVR!   :) 

Sorry, my brain is trying to escape from 7 days of vacation.  :)

I don’t know how to tell you how to get your AVR to work.

I’m only saying that, given that your AVR only has COMPONENT and HDMI, then COMPONENT is the only thing you can use for the Mini.

I would guess you will have to add a component connection between your AVR and your TV, and change Input on your TV when you want to use the MINI.

*MY* AVR does Input Conversion, so whether I use COMPONENT / COMPOSITE / S-VIDEO / HDMI,  they ALL OUTPUT via HDMI.   So I only have a single HDMI cable between my AVR and TV; nothing else required.

On my AVR, I have:

     WDTV Live Hub – HDMI

     FiOS DVR – HDMI

     LG BD Player – HDMI

     Wii – Component

     PS3 – Component

     Cheap little video game my 4-yr-old daughter plays:   Composite.

They all work via HDMI because my AVR does the conversion internally.

Ok, Now i get what you tell.

I will connect my Mini to AVR using Component and then my AVR to TV using Component, this should work is what you guess.

Another Question (No Realted) – How can i check if my AVR does Input Conversion?

Try looking in the manual.   :slight_smile:

If you post the exact Manufacturer and Model #, I can take a look, too.

I checked, my Yamaham RX-V467 does not do a input conversion :cry:

I will try the Option provided