Setting up the hard drives in an EX2

Is there a way to set up (2) 4TB hard drives in an EX2 so that, if removed, the hard drives can be read in a docking station?

I originally set up the drives to mirror drive 1 to drive 2. Everything was fine until I had an issue. When I pulled the drives from the device, I couldn’t read the data on either one. Windows kept ‘insisting’ that I needed to format the drives.

Unless I continually back up the data to another device (which seems to defeat the purpose of having the device), I’m ‘afraid’ I have a failure and lose the data. If I could pull the data from at least one of the drives, then the issue would be resolved.


The drives are formatted in EX4, which is a Linux file format. So, no, Windows can’t read them and will want you to reformat them.

Thanks. Not what I was looking for but at least I know now. :slight_smile:

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Forgot to ask when I replied - are there any recovery methods in the event of a failure? Synology has a ‘disaster plan’ if the drive(s) fail.


If you’re running RAID 1, mirrored, then you should still have access to the data if one of the drives go down. I would then get that data backed up. One of the reasons for the USB connection in back is to be able to backup the data on the drive. You might consider doing that.

Thanks again.