Setting up the backup feature

How do I designate which files on my PC I would like to back up with the MyCloud. I would like to have all of the files on my PC backed up daily to the MyCloud

Depends on what backup software you’re using.

I guess I’m using the software that gets loaded onto my computer when I bought the MyCloud 2 TB back up drive.

And the name and version of that software is? And have you check the manual for whatever that software is?
It all should be there.


I have three WD items downloaded on my desktop: WD MyCloud Public Share, WD MyCloud, WD Mycloud Learning Center, and WD MyCloud Dashboard. Also, I can see all of my files on the WD Cloud when I look into my file manager…and the Auto Backup is set up to run daily. But for some reason, it’s not backing up (i.e. suppose I modify a file on my PC, the version on the MyCloud doesn’t get replaced with the updated PC version)

I believe that WD Smartware should be included. Once setup this software enables you to choose entire disk or folders or individual files

@MARK_A2 If you don’t already have SmartWare use this link and you can download and install it.