Setting up SQL DB, how to get phpMyAdmin working?

Hi, I’m trying to do this and have the database set up on the EX4. I’ve installed phpMyAdmin, but I can’t even log in and can’t find the login details anywhere.

Anyone got any ideas? Is this even the right way to go about setting this up?


Hi there,

Have you tried using username and password admin and see if that works for you? 

Hope this helps



so that’s embarassing. I think I tried every other combination, along with my NAS logins and the SSH one too.

thanks :slight_smile:

I am glad to hear this worked for you 

I tried admin and admin  - but then the page got closed   and now it doesnt work.   I keep getting message, #1045 Cannot log in to the MySQL server.

WD help have no idea on sql  - they told me  the ex4 was a storage device only  - then they told me to instal joomla.

Im still trying to get a dbase set up.

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