Setting up Shares

Is it possible to first setup shares on MBL, and then direct each computer in my home network to back up to a specific share? Or is there a better way to do it?

The reason I ask is that I have set two computers up to backup using the step by step suggested setup. However both computers seem to have been lumped into one share. Now I want to delete one of them, and it appears you can only delete a complete share, not a portion of one?

I’m thinking of starting over and trying to do it right this time. I recall there is some way to delete all data and start again.

With the lack of responses I decided to bang away at this thing to see what I could get working. At first it seemed it did not want to back up to a created share. However, after you select the created share, for some reason you have to click on the icon again to turn it blue. Then it works, or appears to work.

I did a Quick Factory Restore to delete the data on the drive. It appeared to work, but sure took a long time to reboot. After it started again, it showed no data stored on the drive.


I will have to look at this thing again tomorrow. But, what I am seeing tonight is an absolute mess. This WD software has to be the most ridiculous **bleep** that I have ever seen. They have two different user interfaces, My Book Live Dashboard, as well as WD Smartware, and between the two of them, they can’t do the job of one decently written software.

I have no idea why they would sell a product as a network device, and the software is not set up to run on a network. It looks like to do a Quick Factory Restore, I have to do it using each computer in the network to really do it. This is ridiculous…

I could not recommend this software to my worst enemy.

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