Setting up second Hub

I have purchased a second hub and am trying to connect it to my pc. However, when I set it up it won’t connect until I have disconnected my original hub, then the TV and computer will see it. When I reconnect my original hub I have to disconnect the new hub, to see what’s loaded on my hard drive. I want to copy files from one hub to another. How do I set up so my pc will see both hubs. Are they both mapping to the same place?  Please explain in simple step by step terms.

Yes, you need to make sure they both have unique NAMES in the Network Setup.

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Could you explain to me in a simple step by step guide how I do this. I have my original hub set up at the moment. Could you give me simple step by step instructions on how I set up my second hub, so my pc shows both hubs. They are showing on location Y on my pc.


I’ll tell you how to fix your hub name since it is simple. Go to Setup -> Network Settings and then right there you will see Device Name. Since I haven’t tried mapping mine I couldn’t say beyond that what you need to do for sure.

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Go to Setup -> Network Settings -> Device Name and make sure both hubs have different names, Ex: WDTVLivehub1 , WDTVLivehub2

If needed just select D evice Name and press OK to edit.

you should see both on your network

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Many thanks to everyone for their replies. I now have this up and running. Cheers Guys.