Setting up Screen resolution

I have a Bravia KDL-40EX400 and using the WDTV player my screen resolution is out of whack. I have direct tv with the HD and its fine for that. Anybody have an idea to make both work together? This is more for menus and such. When the movies play they seem to find the best fitting size. thanks!

Are you using the setting automatic, in the output category? If so, try to change it to the best resolution that your TV can handled.

Sometime, the auto resolution does not make the “right choice” for your TV set.

The choices in the output are Normal and Widescreen. Either one doesn’t make it fit right. I’m sure its my settings thru the tv and the directv box. No biggie and thanks for the reply!

go to the apperance settings.  in there you can choose the screen size calibration. which changes the menu size.