Setting up my net n900 central

I bought the 2tb version yesterday (7/07/2013) and have been trying to set it up with limited success. Whoever named the software ‘easy setup’ had a great sense of humour!

I am running a BT Home Hub 4 whic is connected via my phone line (DSL) so I’ve connected my input cable from my PC into the n900 and the feed from broadband into (Internet) and hh4 Gige in the BT Hub.

I’ve got sort of partial success my router and internet work but I cannot get past the installation cd after about step 3 - I simply get a message saying: " The server name or address could not be resolved".

Probably missing something basic/easy but I’ve no idea how to progress this.

Any help greatly appreciated - failing that it needs to be returned, no point having it if it will not marry up and connect all my devices.


Please contact our support personnel and they will be able to guide you trough the process.

To contact support:

Thanks for the info.

I have contacted customer support and set up a case reference.

On a general note I would have thought somebody as big as WD would have had a specific UK help/support site - or forums that relate to specific UK issues. Maybe there is one, I’m just not aware where to look ?

There’s a number for the UK area customers.

United Kingdom 00800-ASK4WDEU
(00800- 27549338)
9 am- 7 pm GMT
9 am- 5 pm GMT
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I’ve contacted support by e-mail as advised, I await any reply at all.

So much for somebody will contact you in 24 hrs, or whatever the blurb says.

Try 7 days and still counting…

Clearly my money is good to buy the product, which comes with 12 months warranty and in theory ‘technical support’.

So here we are in the little known outpost of ‘England’, where WD products are sold by most retailers but for some reason we pay more than our USA counterparts for the same products with less/ or no support - I guess that seems fair!

This is not normal.

Someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible.