Setting up my cloud (OS 3 gen 1, about to expire support) and a new Mycloud Home on the same network

Hello, I’ve got a MyCloud Gen 1 3TB working but it’s about to be out of support and remote access soon, so I just bought a Mycloud Home 3TB (OS 5) to replace. HOwever, I understand that the mycloud device/account only takes up one email (ie. one email per account per device) so I would like to seek advice on how to set it up?

I think I can use another email to set up the new Mycloud on the same network ? But after April 22, the old one will be “off the network” and only be used as a pure NAS without remote access, does that mean I can use my original email to register the new mycloud device?

Moreover, is it possible for me to add a “shortcut” or link on the remote-access enabled device to the NAS-only old mycloud, so that I “indirectly” remote access the old mycloud drive after the service expiry? Just a thought.

Just want to see what would be the cleanest way to set it this configuration and help will be appreciated



Have you looked at the User Manual for the My Cloud Home and how to set it up?
User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo (

I have my old My Cloud OS3 set up for use on my home network only. My, My Cloud OS5 is used on the internet.

The My Cloud does not actually need an email account to be set up. If you want to use the same email account that is being used for remote access My Cloud on the My Cloud Home, it “should” work to allow you to setup the My Cloud Home. Personally I’ve used the same email address on several OS3 My Cloud devices without issue. The My Cloud Home web portal is generally separate from the OS3 My Cloud web portal.

Once WD terminates OS3 support you will loose all WD supported remote access (OS3, OS3 My Cloud mobile apps) to the My Cloud (not the My Cloud Home). One will have to setup their own methods of remote access (VPN, insecure FTP, etc.) to the My Cloud when it happens. One will still be able to map a Share from the local network My Cloud to a computer on the same local network. Currently remote Share mapping is not available through the OS3 My Cloud web portal.

I’ve got both devices on now. Also migrated the data over using the built in wd network import tool. But I migrated all the folders (public and other users) and only I can view them in the new my cloud home? The new mycloud home doesn’t operate like the old mycloud apparently so I don’t know how to move the files around between users, apparently they only allow simple sharing? Please assist. thanks

For My Cloud Home issues or problems see the dedicated subforum for the My Cloud Home. Read the My Cloud Home user manual to learn more about how to use the device.

My Cloud Home

My Cloud Home Support

The My Cloud Home is a completely different device than the My Cloud line of devices. It has different options and features. The My Cloud Home is arguably a step down from the My Cloud in features and options. My Cloud Home apps and programs can be downloaded from the My Cloud Home Support link above.

From the My Cloud Home User Manual:

Desktop App
The My Cloud Home desktop app uses the functionality within Windows Explorer and
macOS Finder to search, move and view files. Therefore, the the drag-and-drop process is a
function of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of Windows and macOS. These are the basic
steps to perform the drag-and-drop function:

  1. Access the My Cloud Home device through the My Cloud Home desktop app
    (My Cloud Home desktop icon or WD Discovery).
  2. Access the location on your Windows or macOS / OS X system that will be
    included in this copy process.
  3. Click on the file or folder to drag-and-drop, and hold down the mouse button.
  4. Drag the file or folder to the new location and let go of the mouse button.
  5. Your file or folder should copy or move to the chosen destination.

Thanks Bennor

So apparently after migration of “old data” to the new drive. Only way to bring these data back to “original users” is that as owner, I have to share them with the respective users. And they have to “manually” copy these things back to their own private space, and then remove the shared folder, and then selectively share back certain content?

Holy ■■■■ this is such a dumb process

Ask in the dedicated subforum for the My Cloud Home to see if anyone more familiar with that device has a better way to deal with moving around files and data. I’ve never used the My Cloud Home so don’t know exactly how things work on that device. Just seen many complain about how how difficult the device is to use and how it has few configuration options/features.