Setting up my book live to access anywhere

Anyone willing to help me set up my book live to access anywhere I have a Netgear router and I’m running windows 7 and 8 

Mayby ftp are something ?

Ok I got BarracudaDrive all set up and I setup port forwarding on my router with the help of BarracudaDrive and i can access it from the web but my upload speeds and download speeds are crazy slow like 60 kbs any ideas did i do something wrong I didnt do anything to the mybook other then install BarracudaDrive through putty should I have changed something in the mybook also I am using NetDrive and for my web site

well, the internet speeds will depend on your ISP connection. What are the down/up speeds you signed up for?

I have 20/8 and my average remote speed is 200-300kb using SSH. Pay attention to your up speed specially.

Going by the speed test at Speed test .net   Im getting 23mb down and 4 up 

Put a call in to my provider and they said 16/10 so I guess Im getting the best Im gonna get 

next ? when i connect to barracuda drive all my files are stored in the bd/  folder   so if i access mybook live from my local network i see these folders Public / Smartware / TimeMachineBackup / and bd / I can access all of them but if I go to bd/data I can not access the folders in side of bd/data any ideas on how I can access theses file so I can upload and down load faster when at home