Setting up multiple devices for your house

Thought I’d create a new post with an appropriate subject; setting up a household media system when you have multiple SMPs (or HUBs) all streaming content from a single NAS source.

In my case, I have 4 SMPs throughout the house (no HUBs), each streaming my movies/shows from a Synology NAS. All my media and moviesheets are shared from the NAS for all devices, but what about you guys who have all these devices and a single source like me. What’s your configuration? How do you manage your themes and linksheets?

Here’s the link where my initial question originally stemmed from: Linksheet Summary

I answered in your other question, but just for a recap; assuming you are going to use SMB shares and a linkhseet theme:

Video + Cover -> on a shared drive (your NAS), all WDs access from the single source

Linksheet -> Each sheet must be in the theme directory on every one of your SMPs 

Audio files can be centrally located on a single source as well.

The setup is pretty easy if you already understand how linkheets work for one SMP.

Good Luck


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Got it - makes sense. So it sounds like anytime I add a movie/show to my NAS library I’ll have to add the corresponding linksheet to each of my SMP devices.

I bet you there is a way to somehow automatically sync each of the SMP theme folders to each other (in my home network). I’m thinking this would cut down on the maintenance of updating each device one-by-one.

Thanks again.

Yup, you got it down,

Plenty of apps that will sync directories, but  a simple batch file that you can run manually or on a timer is probably the easiest IMHO.

Good Luck