Setting up MBL to have a password

Hello all, I have a a MBL for over a year now and thought it was secure? however some friends came round with their laptop and I gave them our wifi code. Then once they joined my wifi, and went to “my computer” our MBL showed up and they could get into it and see everything.

Everything as in the folders “photos, music, videos, documents” are in the public folder. (which must be the reason why they could access it.

Can someone describe how I can mover those folders into a “private section” so you would need a password to look at anything.

The default Public Shares can not be changed to private. You can only add passwords to new Shares created within the Dashboard.

What you can do is to activate “Guest” WiFi access on your router if it allows you to, which allows you to share your internet connection independently from your local network.

  • Create private shares and add only those users you want to access the files
  • Move all files from one folder to the other.

Right, I have created a new share and it shows up next t the “public folder”.
So I am guessing that I now should highlight all the files “photos, music, videos, documents” and cut/paste them into the newly created share???

But when I click into it to open it and do this, I get a screen come up saying enter network credentials???

I don’t know what this is or what to now.

Can someone please explain step by step or even better to spare the time to call me (if your in England) and talk me through it.

Basically all I want to do, is stop anyone who has access to my wifi, from getting any of these files unless they have a password.