Setting up GRaid 12TB on MacOS High Sierra


I can’t find any instructions how to set up my new G Raid to RAID 1 for Mac OS 10.13.3 High Sierra. After using the G Raid utility to change from default RAID 0 to RAID 1, it jumped to Mac Disk Utility. I think I’m supposed to erase the drive, which is now showing as 6TB, and it asks how to reformat it. Because it’s High Sierra, should I be erasing and formatting the 6TB as APFS (not Mac OS Extended). Should it be APFS, or APFS Encrypted?

And since only one 6TB G Raid drive is showing, I hope that the erasing and formatting applies to both drives. Is that the case?



You need to Erase the drive as Mac OS Extended. Once that is done the drive will mount and be usable.

Yes it will be affecting both since the mirror is in place now.


Any downsides to APFS in a G RAID configuration??

What about encryption (either HFS+ or APFS), will that slow down the drive’s performance??