Setting up FTP on EX4


I have an EX4100 but I am struggling to get FTP set up correctly and would appreciate advise on where I am going wrong. This is what I have done todate.

  1. Setting, Network, Enabled FTP
  2. Users, set up a dedicated user
  3. Shares, found the users directory and enabled FTP to that share, with anamonious NONE and made sure user had full access to the directory
  4. On windows, open FTP Open ipaddress Enter user name and password.
    5 I get the message “230 OK. Current restricted directory is /”
    6 I type in the command Dir and get the response 425 No data connection…

What am I doing wrong??

Thanks in advance

Hi Haywardi,

You can follow steps from the below article to configure FTP access in your My Cloud device.