Setting up access for a file via internet

Long story short: I’ve made a MySQL database with tons of information about a game that I play.  I’d like my allies to be able to access said database.

Is there anyway I can keep the file on my MBL, but allow my allies to read (maybe edit) the file whenever they like.  I’m guessing it’s possible, but basic LAN stuff is only just within my grasp.

WEll you do not mention how you access the db, pleas provide that info.

the most basic way : make a share folder on your MBL. Create users names and pwrd for all your friends. Set up wd2go accounts for all your friends for that specific share folder.

Another method would be to install a ‘cloud’ service on your MBL and give access to your friends.  You can use ownCloud or Barracuda Drive.