Setting up a WD EX2100 connected via apple time capsule


I have recently purchased a WD EX2100 for file backups. Installed a drive into it and connected via the Apple time capsule, as I use this to provide the wireless network and also other things (shared printer and USB drives). In the instructions it states to navigate to http://wdmycloudEX2100.local in order to set up the software for the NAS. Unfortunately however, when I try, this page does not load. 

I have checked and the EX2100 does appear in Finder, however I cannot connect to it, and when I click connect it asks for a password (which has not been supplied).

Will a nas like this connect via time capsule, and if so, are there any instructions I can follow? The manual does not seem to say anything about it.

Thank you.

Adittional - I have noted that the front drive LED is showing continous red (it does show blue during start up) so not sure if this is caused by a fault with the drive or a problem with the network.

You can try going into your router setup and finding the ip address that it has assigned to the EX2100. Then go to the EX2100 web setup page by entering the EX2100’s ip address into your browser. For example:

Sis you purchase a diskless version of the NAS, and only put one drive in it?  Is the drive new or prev. used?  Your drive may not be seated properly and causing the RED LED?