Setting up a shortcut desktop folder from Cloud on a remote location


I recently purchased a 3TB My cloud drive for my office building, and it has been working flawlessly here. I password protected access to it, so only certain individuals can access, and have made shortcut folders on their desktop for easy access. Now i want to do the same in another building where we also have offices, and i’m wondering if there is any way to do the same thing, without the users having to install and use the WD software to upload files.
Thanks in advance, any help is greatly appreciated.

Are the computers in the other building on the same local network where the My Cloud can be access? If so simply create your shortcut as you did for the other PC’s.

If not then the only official option, outside of some sort of VPN connection that would allow for local mapping, is to access the My Cloud remotely using the My Cloud Desktop program, the web portal, or the My Cloud mobile apps. None of which allow for remote drive mapping.

Unofficially for remote access one can install the following unsupported app a user created that will allow for remote drive mapping.