Setting up a second internal drive with Smartware Pro

Continuing the discussion from Multi Disk and WD Smartware:

Is setting up a second internal (and possibly 3rd and 4th) as simple as it seems? Select the desired source (in this case “N” of “K”, “L” “M”, and “N”), and the MyCloud as the destination, then let the software figure it out? So far I have two PCs and one MacMini all seeming to be adding data to MyCloud with essentially no intervention from me. But the other PC and the MacMini are unique on my network. Will I have to switch back and forth on this PC from “C” to “N” occasionally.

And it was less than fully clear on another thread whether such a configuration would allow one backup to be “continuous” and the other to be something else.

It’s best to switch the backup engine mode to “File Backup” and ensuring all selected volumes are checked in order to ensure additional volumes instead of using the Home Tab.