Setting up a domain

I am using a sentinel for home use and I don’t have a domain name setup. Do I need to setup a domain and if so how /what do I use ?
I don’t really understand this side of things.

you actually cannot setup your dx4000 as a domain controller. It is blocked. It may join a domain but may not be the DC.

ok but how to setup a home network ?
what do I use for a domain name ?

Well with no domain there will not be a domain name. Workgroup is prob workgroup
the lanchpad will shortcut you to the server shared folders

or click start and type \severname and press enter

Years that is kind of how I use it. I get certificate errors but I ignore these. Also I get annoying messages to setup a domain. Anyway , I have so much invested in this system and I can’t really afford to make a change now. Basically its managing all my backups and being used as a NAS for my media server.