Setting to not show TV shows in Video view

Is there a setting or anything to not show TV shows in video view.  The reason for this is I have several TV Series complete on my hard drive (total of about 120 so) name like “Dr Who S01E01 - Title”  each season is in its own folder.
So my file structure is like

   -Movie 1
   -Movie 2

-TV Shows
  - Dr Who

      - Season 1
      - Season 2
 - BattleStar Galactica
      - Season 1

But when I got Videos there is the huge list of shows mix in with the movies.  In the Videos I use Guide Model (were the covers are in row at the bottom with a blown up DVD cover and breif Description at the top.  It takes forever to flip through them.  But if I go to folder view and Go though Movies I don’t see the album covers.  Is there a way to fix this folder view or a way to hide TV shows when doing a Video show?


Guide Model? I think you mean “Gallery View.”

If you didn’t have every movie in its own folder, that won’t be happening.

So it is better to just dump everything in the root movie folder? 

seems like that could get really messy.

What is the best file structure to use then?


No, you don’t want to dump everything in one folder.  The way you you files structured should be fine, but it seems that you have your filter set to “All”.  You need to filter everything by folders, press the green button on the remote then select “Filter/Folders”.