Setting time


Anyway to set the proper date and time on the WD Live?  Nothing in the manual, searched here, only thing I could find was if your using custom firmware?  Mines dating files/folders an hour off and year 2000.


I don’t think there is date/time setting on the WD TV Live.  The date and time of your files is taken from the source (PC, ext HD, etc.).  Check to ensure that your network time is set properly (probably from your PC).

Yes time is all set good on the network, if i copy a file over the network to the usb drive attached to the WD, it keeps the date time of the file as it appears on my pc, but if i make a new folder on the usb drive when its attached to the wd, its off by 10 years and an hour.  The WDlive seems to have an internal time/date that cant be changed.


I thought I was not able to find the way to set date/time…

Anfd it turns out there is no way to sat it at all?!!!

This is ridicules!!!