Setting time and date in next firmware

I connected my USB External Hard Disk to the WD TV Player. I can access it from the player and from any other computer. If I create a folder it gets a date and time in the year 2000 coming from the firmware of the player. But there is no possibility to set date and time of the player. Connecting the drive to a computer does not give this problem.

I do have exactly the same problem. When I crate folders on the share that WD TV Live allows me to access (the connected via USB drive) it gets a timestamp that is at least weird. It is something like 3/1/2000 11:46pm. This is caused by the problem that WD TV has ni time/date settings. Since it is connected to the Internet, an advanced future could be to synchronize date/time with a time server, like my NAS does.

Come on WD, wake up. Look at the competition and come up with nice firmware fixes!!!

Out of interest what do you use the date and time of the folder for?

I agree. It would be nice if the user interface had a way to either set the date and time manually or to set the address of an NTP server for automatically date and time setting.

It seems reasonable to be able to set the date and time because the UI allows you to browse movies by date.

There is an idea in the Ideas Lab to have date and time displayed within the interface.

Such a feature would accomplish the goal of having accurate date and time set on the Live.

You can vote for the idea here:

Also, if you have time, try to leave a comment on the idea and expand upon why having accurate date and time would be so useful as you have done within this thread.  That may help the WD techs appreciate why it’s so important.