Setting Remote Access with Virtual IP

Hi, our company just purchased the WD My Book Live. Everything runs fine and dandy except for the Remote Access option. This is because while we have our own company IP, (eg: 210.xx.xx.210), we have configured so that the device can be accessed from the outside from a virtual IP that our ISP has given us (eg: 210.xx.xx.21 3 ).

The problem is now, in the Remote Access tab, we are given Error 31520, telling us we did not do any port forward, while in practice, there is NO NEED to do port forwarding. We realised this is due to the drive is reporting to WD that it’s IP is our general IP (210.xx.xx.210) and NOT the Virtual IP (210.xx.xx.213).

For now we are relying on FTP to move our files about if we want to use it outside of our office’s network, but is there any way for us to configure it to recognise the correct IP?

Thank you

I havent try using a virtual IP.  Howerver, have you try using WD2GO?  for me is working great.