Setting openvpn client for torrent box V4

I read few treads about openvpn but most users want use Mycloud as server, but I would like to use it as client simply for torrents (to be downloaded via vpn). I am on V4 firmware successfully installed transmission and flexget thanks to this Community. I have account from PIA, but have no idea how to setup it on Mycloud, if it is possible with Cloud Access (as I understand it is also using openvpn) working that would be nice but not deal breaker.
Any advices are highly appreciated.

Welcome to the Community.

There are some old threads in the WD Community related to this procedure.

However, they relate to outdated firmware and may no longer work on newer firmware profiles. Still, extreme caution is recommended since this is not supported or warranted by Western Digital.

Thanks I saw that but I didn’t find it helpfull.

Now it seems I solved it by following