Setting NTFS permissions on my network drive and/or shares

I’d like set up a website so that all the files are stored on my NAS. The plan is to run a server off my laptop when I’m home, and then when I need to go somewhere with my laptop I can run the server off my desktop computer. I’m using Visual Studio for web developement and IIS as a server but I’m having trouble getting processes to access the drive because it’s got UNIX permissions on it. Can I set NTFS permissions on the drive or shares instead? Also, how do I change UNIX permissions when I’m using Windows as my operating system?

Drive (shares)  in my cloud are in a ext4 partition. 

For simple permissions use dashboard and assign users permissions. 

For advanced permissions enable ssh on MyCloud dashboard and set them via putty or similar in windows or terminal in linux. 

Remember that using ssh will void your warranty afik. 

That’s fine with me I don’t think a cloud is what I really need after all and that feature never worked anyway. I’ve already got a UNIX client, Secure Shell Client but I’ve only used it for uploading assignments to my college server. Can I create users with it? A Windows process is going to want to access it using a ComputerName\UserName user assignment.

I really don’t completely understand your answer.

You can access files remotely using sftp (ftp over ssh) if you set apropiate user name an pass obviously change default user and pass for root …

In order to get IIS to retrieve web files from the NAS I have to set up a network service that has permissions. I assign it a username/password. But since the credentials are on another computer (the NAS) I have to specify the computer name. I tried using the name I gave it, and I tried Unix (the filesystem property sheets showed a couple user accounts with Unix as the root.) I guess I could just store the files in a share that isn’t password protected, but how secure is that?