Setting Location.. won't work

I have just done a factory reset of my WD TV Live (gen3). On setup I get the error message: The wd tv was no able to detect this wd tv’s current location". I have downgraded the formware… same issue. I have done a hard reset (paperclip in the hole) and I have re appled the latest firmware. It still wont let me set the location … UK. I have another WD TV Live (gen3) and all is well with that one (although I dare not reset it at present) As I cant set the location it wont let me have i-player (which was available before the reset)

What happens if you set a static IP configuration in order to specify the DNS Servers used by your WD TV to reach the Internet? This should allow for your unit’s location to be properly identified.

Brilliant… set the IP to static and it worked! ta