Setting Kernel Time Zone?

I’ve opened a case via web for this and am complying with their request for more information. My confidence level is pretty low that the case will result in a fix. Possibly I’m the sole person this is affecting. This is simply an annoyance that I’d like to fix, or have fixed.

Symptom is the time for a safepoint update reported on dashboard is 3 hours earlier than the time reported in notification center.

What I’ve done:

  • updated firmware
  • performed complete factory restore
  • insured time zone setting on dashboard, computer, and router was Eastern Time
  • checked the NPT setting on dashboard

I honestly believe this anomoly is a result of the time zone setting in the Debian Kernel.

Strange, it is not set properly.

Try this,

ssh root@wdmycloud

Enter password

then do

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

This should bring up timezone configuration menu, choose the appropriate one.

Hopefully it will hold upon rebooting … 

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Thanks jamalaya!

I may have to eat some of my words:flushed: about low confidence since I received a call from WD Support this afternoon. Esther was genuinely interested and we established a remote connection so she could easily see my actions and understand the anomoly. She’s offered to escallate the incident and get back to me tomorrow.

Well I’m certainly eating my words now; below is the email text I jest received from WD about this time delta.

"Dear Peter Pfeiffer,


In regards of your issue, the appropriate engineering team is aware and working on the issue.  Once a fix is found, it will be provided in the form of a Firmware release.  As with any Firmware change, the new Firmware has to go through a complete regression test before it can be released to ensure that the change has not compromised any other feature; therefore, we do not have a release date. 
If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you further.



Western Digital Service and Support"

So must be a bug somehwere.

you could run the command, and click cancel. it will print out the current timezone, just to check it.