Setting folders to be shared on the hub

Is there a way to choose the folders on my PC I want to share with my hub? I have three very large folders I would like to allow the hub to access (music, photos, and video). Right now I have the Media Lib turned on without an EHD attached directly. At the moment the hub is pulling all kinds of stuff I have on my PC I don’t want it to.

Sharing is set on the PC, but there are some folders (those in your Libraries) that are automatically shared with the Hub and any other PC on your network.


Thanks for the response. Another question; when you say some library folders just automatically share, what constitutes a “library” folder? Music, pics, and videos? Is there a way to set these to not share? Thanks!

There is but a couple of things first…

The way it should work is video folders will only show under the videos tab, pictures etc etc…

Make sure you are looking at network share in Videos and thee should be no pictures folders or anything like that. Sometimes the Hub does get confused and shares Music folders to Videos but thats fue to it thinking .m3u files are videos, this goes away sometimes after a few power cycles of the Hub itself.

What way are you accesing the files themselves, are you looking in the File menu, which will diplay all ?

When I recently turned on my TV and switched to the WD’s input, there was a window telling me the storage device had been removed ( I was using a Passport for the local storage option, but ejected it last night when I chose to go down this road since the local storage option won’t allow me to shuffle through my music by way of genre). To start off, what storage option should I be using if I want to share the three folders off my PC in order to set my music up to my liking? Network Shares? Once I know that I can tell you the information you want to know, but I figure let’s make sure I’m choosing the proper channel for getting my media onto my hub. Oh, I am hardwired into the hub because my wireless signal in my basement is lousy.

Another thing I just noticed. I do not see the hub located on my PC as a seperate drive. When I first bought it I had it connected to my wireless net, but like I said, the signal’s lousy in my basement. Now it’s connected via CATV, but by way of a Powerline adaptor.

Okay, hub is now showing up in the network as a media device. But, I’m wondering if I need to even be connected to the PC. If my Passport has the folders on it I want, can I fill the Media Library from there? If this is the case, I’d still like it to be online for things like Netflix. How do I do this with out the hub trying to compile media from the PC? Thanks!

If you’re on Vista or Win 7 the libraries are setup automatically. You’ll see them in Windows Explorer as Documents, Music, Videos and Pictures. The Public versions of these folders are automatically shared. Don’t worry about them if there is nothing in them. For most people, only the Administrator or anyone with a logon account has anything in these folders and they aren’t shared unless you do so manually because each logon has its own individual set of these library folders.

I use Firefox, so how do I find these folders in IE and can they be manipulated. Really the only thing I want to be able to do that I currently can’t by turning off the media library is to shuffle thru my music by artist or genre and create playlists.

TigerJon wrote:
I use Firefox, so how do I find these folders in IE and can they be manipulated. Really the only thing I want to be able to do that I currently can’t by turning off the media library is to shuffle thru my music by artist or genre and create playlists.

You can’t. These exist on your PC’s hard drive, not the internet. There’s a huge difference between Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer. One is an internet browser, the other a file manager. Playlists requires another skillset that you might want to do some searching for existing threads already in here on the subject.

Tiger when you open your Windowz Network you should see something similar to this:


Okay,  I’m with you now.  I had never put two and two together with the Media Library on the hub and the Windows MP library.  I started tweaking My WMP Lib last night, but everything is all screwed up.  On my PC in my D:drive, I have all of my music, movies, and videos organized to a T. I play all my music on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iTunes, etc.) and I have titles, albums, and artists organized to work great in iTunes, but apparantly the WMP doesn’t recognize all of that info. in WMP, there are very few titles, albums, or artists that have a genre and several songs are under unknown artist.  This isn’t too big a deal as I can change the info I need in WMP, however it will take time.  Videos are not a problem, but pics is another story.  I have about 30 folders with anywhere form a dozen or so to hundreds of photos in each.  Right now WMP is dividing the photos by date taken.  Is there a way to open each folder, highlight every photo and do something to the properties (name every photo the name of the folder) and get WMP to divide the photos by folder name like I want.  I kknow this is a WMP question and not a WD question, but any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.