Setting a static IP address?

Hello All,

I am trying to set my mybook live to a static IP address. I have entered the IP and all is well, trouble is I am not sure what I should be using for the netmask and DNS server. I have normal broadband with 02, any ideas? the upshot is the NAS box doesnt have internet conectivity when I enable the static IP as it doesnt know where to look for the DNS presumably? I tried using the IP of my router but it hasnt made any difference. Any ideas?



If you are using a windows pc, go to the command (on xmp start --> run  --> type in cmd).  When the black screen is displayed  type in ipconfig /all.  This will display all the info you need.

Hello Mark,

I have run ipconfig /all from the PC I was accessing the NAS box from. Can you maybe tell me which field I need to be using for the DNS server entry to give the NAS internet connectivity? Under network I can set -

IP address



DNS server

I have IP and Netmask correct but I am not sure if either of the oter two will help? or if this just wont work with a static IP?



The gateway and dns server would be the ip address you access your router at. In most cases this is

thanks all. I set the IP to what I wanted and the DNS and gateway to which is the default IP of the new o2 routers. All working now.