Set up My Cloud Mirror as a primary storage device

I have My Cloud Mirror up and communicating with two computers in my home. I have backed up (mirrored) on computer. I would like to use the Mirror as the primary storage area for both of these computers to share the same files. How do I do that?


I recommend you try WD Sync, which will Keep your content synced across all your computers and your My Cloud device so files are always up to date and accessible from all your devices.

WD Sync for Windows

WD Sync for Mac

Thanks. I found that last night and got it up and running also. I get a little confused at what i am looking at. I can see the documents from the computer that I am on but struggle some to find the documents on the other computer. Some of the documents are the same from when I backed up the tow computers. So what I Think I need to do is create a folder in the Sync area to share the documents from both computers and then delete the documents from both computers and use the Mirror as my main storage. Does that make sense?

Will the Mirror then copy this folder?


The other way is to just map a drive on each computer to the relevant share on the MCM (or map multiple drives to multiple shares if you wish) and then save your documents etc to those drives/shares rather than to the local hard disk.

Whether this works for multiple machines working on the same file will depend on the software being used on the machines (some applications allow multiple machines to have the same file open and deal with versioning and revisioning, some will just lock it on first open and not allow other machines to open the file whilst the first one has it open).

But by doing it that way essentially everyone is reading and writing to the same drive (the MCM) which may serve your requirements?