Set up help, router

hey im wondering if i go out and get a router and not have it hooked up to the internet? sounds stupid i know but i dont have internet i use it off my neighbor’s and dont really wanna have my external over their place. so would i be able to just plug it in a router and connect to my comp? i kno it wouldnt be wireless but wired is fine for me for now

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. But on the other hand, you could stand to save a few bucks settling for USB connection if you don’t have any WiFi.

Otherwise, as long as the set up of the router works it should be OK. My NAS access have worked even though the internet connection was down due to ISP problems. But any used router or switch should be OK, no guarantees though.

Remember, leeching is wrong :wink:

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thanks, yeah when i do the USB tho i cant play the songs from my itunes or anything i have to run some program than it opens a screen where i can only play one song at a time by clicking on it in that program. haha nah i split it with them just dont have the router in my apt. thanks again