Set up folder structure


I’ve the WD TV Live Hub now for one week and I’m really satisfied with it. At the moment I’m just testing some things and figure out (of course using this fantastic forum) how I can set up the mediaplayer in combination with the special theme (maybe MOJO).

One thing I strugle with is the folder structure. How can this been set up in the best way? Now I’ve set it up like this:

  • Movies

   - Action

      - Folder movie 1 ( in this folder there is a folder named VIDEO_TS with IFO, BUP and VOB-files)

      - Folder movie 2

      - …

   - Kids

   - Thriller

   - …

  • Music

   - Pop

      - Anouk - Is Alive (in this folder there are some mp3 files)

      - Kane - Fearless

   - Kids

   - …

  • Photos

   - Childeren (in this folder there are some JPEG files)

   - Holiday

   - …

Can anyone share your experience with this? Is this the right way to set it up (also in use with for example the MOJO theme and moviesheets)? Or is it too much structured and therefore complex (my childeren also need to use the Live Hub)?

Thanks for any reaction.

Regards, Marco.

Well, your structure is right. However, it is best for movies to have a single file rather than in DVD format, which is apparently the way you have them now.  I would suggest converting them at least to ISOs which will give you the same playback, but keeps the movie in a single file.

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Thanks a lot for your comments. I will convert the DVD files in one ISO file.

Regards, Marco.