Set maximum share size(s)

I know that some people have queried this regarding backing up of Mac devices using the time machine.

However I wish to know if there is currently, or will be in the near future, a way to set maximum sizes for each share?

The reason for this is that we’d like to be able to set it up so that each of the children would only have a specific allocated maximum size for their shares (which are personal to each person), but allowing the mine to use as much as wanted etc.

I think generally, this is the only feature (or rather lack of) which is stopping us from buying it right now. We know a few people who are using it and are very happy thus far, therefore we are very interested.



Hi, currently it is not possible to set the size limit for the shared folder. You might be interesting in sharing your idea in the ideas section. Check the link below.

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Many thanks for the quick reply, I have posted this under the ideas section that you recommended.

You may view the post here:

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