Set limit for user or groups


I’m trying to think up how to limit my users on My Cloud Personal Storage. I don’t wanna let them fill my space with their files. I want to limit them! :slight_smile: Is there any way? I looked into GUI and there’s no option. Other products (the more expensive) have the option in menu (create a group and quota). NAS is based on linux, so there have to be a way how to do it. I can do it using ssh, installing packages, i don’t care. Just want the option too.

Is there a way?

Thanks for advice.

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I have My Coud EX2, not the regular My Cloud, so it may be slightly different than yours, but I have a quotas setting right on the page in the dashboard where I set the rest of the user details. Don’t you have that Quotas Cofigur>>> link right below the Group Membership setting?


sadly there’s no option like that in dashboard. Only way is using ssh or something else and i need to a liitle push :).