SES driver digital signature Code 52

I installed the WD secure software and got this. I manually deleted the driver from windows and re-installed it from the device manager. Same thing. I downloaded the SES driver seperately and deleted the driver from the device manager and re-installed the new location (C:\Program Files (x86)\Western Digital\WDCSAM) with the device manager manually

I used easyBCD to allow unsigned drivers. Same thing

I checked my USB upperfilters and lowerfilters to no avail

anyone have any idea? cause i’ve been searaching all over google with nothing

Windows 7 on an Acer V3-771 intel 7 series USB 3 Extensable driver installed and have had no problems with USB devices in the past


(the drive does show up and transfers fine)

Hello Uranium-235, welcome to the WD Community. Are you experiencing any additional problems accessing the drive?