Serviio compatability issue

Hi, so I have had the WDTV Live for a while now, and around a few months ago, started noticing issues with serviio. 

I would start watching a video file, then the stream would suddenly stop, and I’d get a message on the WDTV saying the network share was no longer available. The cut off would appear randomly, maybe after 5 minutes, maybe after 30 minutes, but it would definitely occur. When I went to search for the server again, serviio would not appear in the list unless I restarted the wdtv or serviio.

I have been trying various things from port opening, to installing different versions of serviio to see if that was the issue. I was still receiving the errors and nothing had changed other than the updated firmware on the wdtv live. So Ive decided to try previous versions of the firmware and have found out something interesting.

Version 1.06.04 is the previous version on which streaming seems unaffected, as I have watched whole movies without the issue. I decided to update to the next in line, which was 1.07.15 and after 10 minutes, the server cut the connection. Every other update since then includes the same issue.

I have looked in serviio’s logs, to see what happens, and posted on their forums regarding the issue and from the log files the only thing that can be explained is that the recieving box is terminating the connection for some reason.

So I am stuck with a fairly old version, because the issue is infuriating. Watching a film and then wondering the whole time whether or not it is going to mysteriously disappear.

So I guess my question to the firmware team is this: Has anything changed in the way the WDTV Live handles streams from local servers from version 1.06.04 to 1.07.15 and beyond?

Has anyone else noticed this issue?

Firmware updates are suppoused to fix all kind of issues with the media players… you might to update the unit.

Same here. Latest firmware. Will play (music & vids) for less than a minute, then disconnects. Then it “forgets” the Media Server. Then it finds Serviio again. Over and over. Playing the files as Windows shares works fine. Thoughts?