Services - AOL HD [what's happened?]

Does AOL HD work for eveyone else okay? I have a Gen 3 WD TV.

I’ve previously reported that I often get video but no audio when trying to use streaming services, usually after playing mkv’s, but this is usually fixed temporarily with a reset.

I’m now finding AOL HD no longer loads properly and just says ‘loading’ with only partial elements of the page displayed. Anyone else have the same problem?

I really hope this will be fixed along with the MP4 issue.



Have you tried a reset and or power cycle?


I have the same issue.

Has it been resolved?

Hamlet : Yes, no difference.

SirDodgerRoyal: In the last few days since I posted, no. Hopefully it’s something WD are aware of . Thanks for confirming it’s not just me.

My AOL HD exactly the same after firmware update. Remedy one problem introduce another.

AOL HD is gone … it’s now Aol.On  (which is Aol’s decision not WD’s)

On the 2014 WDTV Media Player, after updating to FIRMWARE 1.02.17 the service is now called AOL.On 

(and it looks similar to AOL HD) … and it works Fine

so, just out of curiosity i typed into firefox … google on my PC …  “AOL HD”

1st result …

The AOL On Network today announced the launch of version 2.0 of its connected TV app.

Formerly known as AOL HD, The AOL On app will feature ad-serving …

Here’s the AOL.On service icon in the Latest Firmware (Service works fine)  :smiley:

And to point something out … user terminator101 stated that he has a Gen 3 WD TV… guess what, he posted in the WRONG forum

This forum is the WDTV Media Player [2014]