Server PIN and Air Video

Hi guys,

I am hoping you may be able to help me here. I am using Air Video as an app on my mac and iPad but am unable to see either of my two NAS’s one of which is a MyCloud and the other an HP470. One of the options is to input IP address or name and also port.

I have no idea which port the MyCloud uses.

The other way is via server PIN.

I have no idea where to find/create one of those either.

Please help!!!


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No ideas anybody?


I know that by default My Cloud uses port 80 and 443 for remote access.

Thanx Hamlet,

I just input those parameters and unfortunately the server isn’t seen by AirVideo. Does anyone on this forum have this combo at all?


Air Video, if I’m reading it correctly, requires you to run THEIR server software on your PC.

It doesn’t connect to NAS devices at all.

The SERVER software can connect to NAS shares, but not the apps or player directly.

Air video has their own server app… i dont think they have a debian version…