Server password not recognized

Trying to set up for the first time my wireless passport Pro to my iPad Pro 12.9 AND my iPhone XR.
I’m able to easily go to my device Wi-Fi settings and connect to my passport with the device password. Then I open the app and accept the terms. Next I select my home network and it asks for my password, I enter it correctly but it tells me it’s wrong/not available. I’ve tried dozens of times on both of my devices and get the same error, but I can disconnect from the passport and connect just fine to my network directly with the same password the passport is not recognizing through the WD cloud app…

Hi Trishrich27,

Is your Wifi password contain a special character?

My Passport Wireless Pro cannot reconnect to a known WiFi network after the initial configuration if the device rebooted or powered off and on again. You can refer below article in this concern.