Seriously, a piece of junk!

I take the WDTV out of the box, fire it up and connect it to my wireless network…into problems.

A new firmware is available! Done.

I plug my USB harddrive directly into it and It compiles for about 2 HOURS!!! Annoying…

I begin watching a movie and about an hour into it, it freezes…It won’t even turn off! So I switch it off at the wall.

I turn it back on and this time it doesn’t even see my hard drive. After much stuffing around, I eventually get it going again. Oh awesome lets take another couple of hours to compile the library!

So I think about streaming the movies from my PC.

I share my media folder on my Windows 7 machine, disable homegroups, give permissions to everybody, enable guest account, file sharing. Then I go into the WDTV–>Network shares --> Windows shares…Nothing. I’ve disabled the firewall, gone inton my router and disabled its firewall too…nothing.

I can ping the WDTV, access it from my browser but it won’t see my shares. I’d love to see a refresh button or functionality.

I’ve see other post with registry hacks and i don’t want to do that, why should I, this thing should be able to be used by anybody…

Can someone please, give me a hand to help make this thing work as it was intended. WD staff, please offer some helpful advice.


Do you have a drive USB 2.0 or 3.0?

Make sure the Workgroup name in your network settings is the same as the workgroup from the computer that is sharing the files.  If the name does not march, then the computer will not show up on the list.  I don’t know why it doesn’t just show you the computers that are in your subnet??

The hard drive is USB 2, but that is now my secondary issue. I want to get this network happening.

The workgroup on the computer and WDTV are both the default ‘workgroup’. The only thing that is in my Windows Share is my router.

This helped me.

I have no idea what i wrong with this piece of **bleep**…honestly it is doing my head in!!

I managed to have it find my computer, but when i go to enter the shares, it wanted a username and password. I haven’t even got one!!

So i created another profile (administrator profile) with all the same permissions and put on a password.

Then the WDTV says that the username and password are incorrect, depite me logging in with the credentials.

How do I get into my shares? I don’t even want a username and password!! I just want to click on my network shares and start watching my media. No username, no password. Simple as that.

So anyways because i have apparently put in the wrong username /password, it has decided to lose my entire network share connection and now i’ve got a yellow arrove going around in circles.

On top of that the stupid things freezes and becomes unresponsive to the remote.

My god, why can’t it be as simple as load your network settings onto a USB, stick it into the WDTV match the settings and viola…done, like the old XP network disk. This is ridiculous.

I hope the next firmware addresses these incredible flaws.

I honestly hate this piece of technology at the moment and i am STILL waiting for support to get back to me.


Slow down. :wink:

If your shares are set to PUBLIC then the default User ID and password provided (anonymous / blank password) will log in, as described on pages 30 & 31 in the manual.

If that does NOT work, then your shares are NOT correctly set for public access.

To reset the “wrong” password, go into SETUP / NETWORK / CLEAR LOGIN INFO… (at the bottom of the menu.)

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Hi TonyPh12345, Thanks for that, I finally have my files visible. I was trying to do it on the ‘home’ network… But I also had to disable my Kaspersky firewall. Can you tell me why I ned to use Public and not Home? Secondly how can I allow Kaspersky to let me stream? What do I need to change? Or what file do I need to allow or out in the exceptions? Thanks

By “Public,” I mean that the shares are set to not require passwords.  

I’m not refering to the Network Profile or location setting.