Serious troubles with products and WD support

I’m writing to you because i’m having so much troubles with Western Digital while i’m only buying WD hard drives since at least 10 years now, and never had any troubles.

First, on August/September, my mum had 2 1.5TB green used as external drives at home who stopped being detected by the computer. Living far away I wasn’t able to check the problem. Then on February I took the drives and found lots of bad sectors. The disks were out of warranty for something like 6 months when the problems occurs first. Anyway, I didn’t ask for anything. The same month, back at my home, my 2GB green failed too!!  Less than 8 months after the end of the warranty! And finally, I checked my 640 scorpio blue who has bad sectors too but no matter with this one.

Finally, I bought 2 3TB black to replace my green, and when I received it 1 on 2 was unusable, I had to pay a RMA for a brand new product!

Sure, this time I was really angry and so I decided to ask Western Digital to take at least 2 of my green HD under warranty for commercial gesture as it’s quite anormal to have 3 drives failing just after the warranty and receiving a high end product unable to be used.

They didn’t care at all of my demand. I asked for a RMA and paid it. 3 weeks later, I received the brand new 3TB black and again, it doesn’t work as it should!!! It seems to have a motor failure!!!

Again, I tell how much I’m disappointed by all of this and again Western Digital answered me as I was a piece of **bleep**!!

Now I’m really decided to don’t let this affair at this point, no matter how much I’ll have to do to be respected as a respectable customer, I require to have my green drives taken under warranty, my black drive taken for the second time, as I haven’t be able to use it once since February, and be refund of my shipping costs.

I hope I’ll have an attentive ear on this forum that will be more knowledgeable than the low cost people used to answer to the customers through the website.


This is an unusual sequence of unfortunate events. I know where you’re coming from and I’ll pass along the feedback for an investigation.


I feel for you and I think its time for SSDs…

Someone called me yesterday and seems to take care about my unusual problem, as you say, and i admit it is.

Thank you for beeing professionnal, i hope to have a great outcome.

I ever have some, and it’s not THE solution. I even think HDD is more reliable than SSD as it “warns” you when it starts failling, SSD don’t…