Serious issue and reclamation regarding Mycloud technical support service

Good evening,

I am a professional customer and as CEO of my company I’m not satisfied at all with Mycloud technical support service, neither by phone or email.

The support service provided is not professional which is a pain for Mycloud IT technical quality. The consequences of this is that I am losing important DATA regarding my company which is the worst thing that a cloud company might ever do.

Therefore I’d like to know who is charge of the quality of this service in order to let Mycloud knows what is happening with its customers and try to find a solution in order not to dismiss this supplier.

Thank you for your quick answer.

You’re not gonna find that answer here … this is a user forum.

From the FAQ:

Please keep in mind that this is a user-to-user community. If you are looking for technical support, please contact WD customer support directly.