Serious error after firmware update to 1:03:39

Serious error after firmware update to 1:03:39.

The light in the bay 4 is flashing red (but there is no HD I use one in bay 1) and in the dashboard on the “diagnostics” does “care” and “unit status = error” …

Out of stock 4 units low (but I only use 1 unit that works fine)

Already done:
Manually reinstall firmware
and hold the reset button for 5 seconds behind …

But nothing …
Everything else works fine and before the new firmware everything was great!



We have asked our support team to contact you.

I Have the exact same problem. And since the lastest update I can’t perform internal backups.

you know what you can do?

Even for me it was the worst firmware since purchasing the device :-(…

I’m waiting for the response from the staff