Serial Number to small to read

I have just purchased a MY PASSPORT ULTRA 2TB.
I have chucked the box away and now due to bad eyesight can not read the serial number on the unit.

Please is there another way to get the serial number of the unit so I can register with my other products?

Your assistance will be much appreciated.

Connect the My Passport Ultra 2TB to your PC then …

Download, extract and run Data LifeGuard Diagnostics … and it will display the serial number

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@Mike_Eade - @JoeySmyth gave the most common way people get their serials (for internal drives it’s a big time saver vs taking the drive out of its case).

Another common thing people do (especially when they don’t have access to a PC with Windows) is to use the digital camera on a smartphone or tablet and “zoom in” on the serial number.

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Yep, a good cell phone camera and good lighting above takes a great picture, and as was said, zoom in to take photo and then zoom in on the photo that results. a good tablet works well, too, and picture is larger…

I have iPhone and iPad and had to take a picture of the serial number of a new Chromecast where the faint S/N was along the curved edge. Ridiculous, but cell phone got the job done

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JoeySmyth - Thank you! Worked like a charm! YAY!!