September 2015 firmware update with phone backup and shared albums

These features on My Cloud would be a dream come true to me. See the links below. Does anyone know more about this update/announcement? I attended IFA, but did not see the announcement in question.

A little more information at the following links:

Looks like mostly marketing language at the moment. Hopefully we’ll see some hands on reviews of the new firmware/apps prior to the “late” September release date that fleshes out the fixes and feature additions (if any).

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According to the site it’s tomorrow. 

See if the following link helps.

Is this the replacement for the suddenly terminated, do we think?

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See if the following link helps.

That is apparently a scheduled press release announcement at the expo. Hopefully they’ll provide some solid information beyond just the typical general marketing language used in press releases. Sometimes the press releases leave more questions than answers. Guess we’ll find out one way or another in a couple of hours.

WD’s press release from yesterday. Nothing yet on today’s (September 2) presser at the Berlin expo.

WD Makes Cloud Storage More Personal (And Private)

More WD Press Releases can be found in the WD Press Room.

Is nobody else but me expecting this new project to be a complete disaster?   I mean, they never managed to get the original software working right, and now they’ve added new features?

JAC70 wrote:

Is nobody else but me expecting this new project to be a complete disaster?   I mean, they never managed to get the original software working right, and now they’ve added new features?

There is a different between the OS not working right and the OS not having the features or capabilities that some want. For me, and for several family members elsewhere, the OS and the WD My Cloud in general works as advertised. Yes the OS has some issues and lacks some features but overall it works, if clunkly, for what it was designed to do.

There are liable to be some initial problems with OS 3 simply because of the wide variety of computer systems and end user skills out there. For many the upgrade to OS 3 will probably go fine and the unit will continue to work as it has for them. For some others there will be issues that will have to be resolved. Only time will tell if there will be major problems with the rollout and upgrade to OS 3 and its associated apps and software.

Right now there isn’t much known other than marketing language about what OS 3 and its associated apps/software will bring or entail to we end users.

You think OS 3 is going to be a new operating system? I know the letters match, but I don’t see how that tallies with closing down I thought OS 3 was going to be a new remote access client.

I guess we’ll find out in a couple of weeks or so…

Turn off your auto-upgrade setting, folks, until we find out how much of a mess they’ve made, if it is a new operating system…

Yes some will want to disable the auto update feature just in case. Others will leave it on to be the guinea pig.

OS 3 may or may not be a new OS. Currently WD is using marketing language by claiming it will be; “a new, redesigned My Cloud OS 3 operating system”. What does that actually mean? Who knows. My guess is they’ll simply change the UI to add more features and fix existing bugs, but keep the underlying Debian OS in place.

WD in that same press release also indicates the following with respect to a new app (or replacement of existing app) and what I assume is the replacement; “ and My Cloud Albums app. provides users global access to their My Cloud via an intuitive web browser based user interface and enables file collaboration, comprehensive access management and a photos and videos gallery view. My Cloud Albums, available for download late September on iTunes and Google Play stores, allows a My Cloud OS 3 user to send a link to a common location, or “album”, on the My Cloud to all their friends and family.”

An, you have the advantage on me; you read the marketing puff, and I chose not to bother…

I can’t say that I’m too excited… Maybe this will be a good use for my ‘TestCloud’, provided there’s a way to downgrade…

I have to say that I sincerely hope they haven’t thrown away the underlying Debian, or all our hard-earned knowledge of how to get the thing running properly would be wasted. I’m assuming OS3 will have its share of bugs and foibles…

V8 of Twonky would be nice. Or at least integrate Twonky better. Or the ability to install apps… And turn off thumbnailing.

Looks like is now forwarding to a link.("").

I assume they are just going to keep the underlying Debian OS. There are third party apps for other My Cloud units that would need to be changed if they changed the underlying OS. My assumption is they will simply revamp the Dashboard interface and add features and call it a “new” OS. If they do a drastic change of the Dashboard interface they would have to change all the product documentation/user manuals and online documentation.

I too hope they add more control over Twonky, folders (shares), users and general OS options. For example would be nice to have more granular control over shares/folders to set permission levels for subfolders. The ability to disable the public share without having to use a Dashboard bug that so many have issues with in this support forum. And more control over the device’s security both locally and remotely. It would also be nice if they provided more information about remote security to assuage those who question how secure the WD My Cloud really is.