Seperating Video and Music, photos etc

Hi There,

I’ve noticed that if I upload files directly to the hub, whether they be video or pictures, even if they are in the same folder, the system seperates them so that I can click on VIDEO and there will be only videos and click on PHOTO and there will be only pictures.

Is it possible for the HUB to also do that for the external HDDs connected via the USB ports?

Right now, what I find is that both USB ports file structure are shown under the tab VIDEO regardless of what the content is on those external HDD’s.

Any help would be greatly appreciated?



Yes.   The Hub isolates media types into the correct categories regardless of where the files are;  Internal Storage / USB Storage / NAS-based storage.

It doesn’t do it for DLNA connections, though, since it’s up to the SERVER to do that.

So you’re saying you see MUSIC or PHOTO FILES under the VIDEO section?  Or are you only seeing the FOLDERS?

Do you have MEDIA LIBRARY enabled?