Separating music share from video shares

Hi All,

I have my movies, TV shows and documentaries all shared to my WDTV. I access them via the ‘Videos’ area of WDTV and it works just fine from what I can tell initially.

What I am trying to achieve is a second share or network location with my Music so when I access the ‘Music’ section of WDTV it shows all of my folders and files straight away. Rather than have the two mixed together.

So basically on the WDTV, I want it to look like this:


 - Movies

 - TV

 - Docos


 - Artist 1

 - Artist 2

 - Artist 3

 - Artist 4 

 - Artist 5

 - Etc…

 - Etc…

Any ideas?

Use the Media Library function.