Separate Moves and TV Series sections

Is it possible to have a separate TV and Movie sections, so as when you are in Gallery view of movies you don’t have TV series showing up too?



Most people sort them out by putting movies in one folder and TV shows in another.

Hi,  Below is my directory structure as it stands currently.  The Movies and TV Series are in separate directories as detailed below, but still they all sow up together  when in gallery view mode only. Strange, do i need to change the filter or something else?


–>Movie Title 1

-----> Movie Title 1.avi

–>Movie Title 2

----->Movie Title 1.avi

TV Series


----->Series 1

--------->Dexter S01E01.avi

----->Series 2

--------->Dexter S02E01.avi

Change filter to folders
you can even make custom folder icons

Please advise how to do this?

I have the same problem. If I set the filter to folders it then says I have no media. Then if I choose all it lists all my media. Any solution?

Ok I have fixed it. Go to setup, system then tyrn media library off. Go back to your videos section and sort it by folders and hopefully itll work for you like it did for me.